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1:1 personal training


1:1 private personal training

My 1:1 private personal training is an exclusive service that delivers consistent, outstanding results for my clients.

1:1 Personal Training is my PREMIUM service. I take real pride in what I do, and I enjoy nothing more than taking my clients through the transformation process.

I love the reactions I get from my clients when they see how quickly their bodies can change and they realise what is actually possible. They can see that the dramatic before and afters of my previous clients achievements can actually happen for them too.

So in essence, I specialise in getting my clients exceptional results in a minimal timeframe. It’s something I’m extremely passionate about. I love giving my clients a return on investment that they can actually see and feel. Quickly.

Over the years, I have coached dozens of clients from a variety of different backgrounds - from busy CEOs, lawyers, City executives and other personal trainers. I have helped them achieve results they never dreamed possible.


a proven transformation protocol.

I have previously worked for some of the industries leading personal training companies and gyms and have logged thousands and thousands of hours learning, studying and refining what actually works with real people. I understand what problems they face and have a solution to overcome them. This experience has allowed me to develop a proven transformation protocol that works and you can see evidence of this with some of my client results.


your programme. designed around you.

All of my training and nutrition programmes are designed with your lifestyle and goals in mind. You’ll be given a thorough consultation, including a number of questionnaires which will allow me to delve deep and understand the nuances of your lifestyle and build a programme which is perfect for you. I have developed a nutrition strategy that has been proven to get results, whether your a beginner or a seasoned tracker, I have a method that best suits your goals, lifestyle and preferences..


support & community

My 1:1 coaching allows me to get really hands on in all the things that could potentially sabotage your progress. This could simply mean a kick up the bum should you need it or a little encouragement. All of my programmes also give you the opportunity to become a part of my private Facebook community. This is where you’ll find people on the same journey as you, so you get the support you need. Inside of this group you will get daily coaching from me and weekly training so you can be educated on all things training, nutrition and lifestyle.




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